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Board of Adjustment (BOA)

The Walworth County Board of Adjustment (BOA) reviews and decides on requests for variances to the County zoning ordinances.  BOA members are appointed by the County Board, typically for a 3-year term. The BOA meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 8:30 AM to conduct hearings and on-site inspections, and the following day at 8:30 AM to render decisions.  BOA members receive a per diem for each meeting, and a County vehicle is available for on-site inspections.  Membership is open to all residents of UNINCORPORATED Walworth County.

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Current Members and Terms
Citizen Name Term Expiration
John Roth, Chair June 30, 2018
Elizabeth Sukala, Vice-Chair June 30, 2019
Ann Seaver, Secretary June 30, 2020
Joseph Pappa, Alternate June 30, 2019
Franklin Jones, Alternate June 30, 2020

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