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Civil Service Board

The Walworth County Civil Service Board is comprised of five members that serve as representatives of the county pursuant to Section 59.52 (8) of the Wisconsin Statutes. Appointments of members are subject to confirmation of the Walworth County Board. Civil Service Board members must be legal residents of the county and may not hold any elective or appointive public position or office of any sort in the county government. No member may be appointed to the board if any near relative is employed as a deputized employee of the sheriff's office. The Civil Service Board reviews applicants' qualifications and certifies the same for the Walworth County Sheriff's deputy sheriff eligibility list based upon merit and fitness as determined by validated examinations.  In addition, the board may disqualify any person who does not meet the qualifications established under section 15-176 of the Walworth County Code of Ordinances for Deputy Sheriffs.

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Current Members and Terms
Name Term Expiration
Gene Krauklis December 31, 2023
Jan E. Chambers December 31, 2019
John Marra July 31, 2022
James Nerud December 31, 2020
Edward A. Siert December 31, 2019

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