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1800 County Trunk NN Phone #:  (262) 741-7198
PO Box 1001 E-mail:     WalworthDA@da.wi.gov
Elkhorn, WI  53121
Office Hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The District Attorney's Office is located in the Judicial Center on the 2nd floor in
room 2010 located at 1800 Cty Tk NN, Elkhorn, WI 53121.

District Attorney:

Office Manager:

Zeke Wiedenfeld

Misty L. Quinn
Assistant District Attorneys:

Haley J. Johnson

Andrew R. Herrmann

Matthew R. Leusink

Timothy A. Suha

Victim/Witness Coordinator:
Victim/Witness Specialist:

Amy L. Los

Kristi Schiller


Mission Statement 

The District Attorney represents the interests of the citizens of the State of Wisconsin and the County of Walworth in adult criminal and juvenile litigation, and in any other areas mandated by the legislature. Through the Victim/Witness Program, information, referral and support is provided to citizens and law enforcement officers of Walworth County who have been victims or witnesses of crimes.


Services & Functions of the District Attorney's Office

The Office of the District Attorney is created under Chapter 978, Wisconsin Statutes.  This department represents the people of Wisconsin and Walworth County in the courts.  The District Attorney and his staff prosecute state criminal matters, forfeiture actions, state and county traffic code and ordinance violations, Department of Natural Resources violations, juvenile, domestic abuse, and harassment cases.  In addition, the District Attorney also operates the Victim/Witness Program which provides support to victims and witnesses of crime.

The primary purpose of the Victim/Witness Program is to provide information, referral and support to citizens and law enforcement officers of Walworth County who have been victims of or witnesses to crimes, and to ensure that the services specified under Chapter 950, Wisconsin Statutes, are made available to them.   To achieve that end, the Victim/Witness Coordinator and staff maintain contact with victims and witnesses to update them on case progress in the criminal justice system.


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