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The Land Information Division (LID) is responsible for the modernization and maintenance of land records in Walworth County. LID acts as the office of the County Surveyor, and is responsible for the implementation and support of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) activities in the County.

Walworth County, Wisconsin Facts
Area: 576.53 sq. miles
Population: 102,945 (June 2013)
Total Households: 39,407 (2012)
Per Capita Income: $27,005
Largest Lake: Geneva Lake (5,262 Ac)
Highest Point: 1,158' (T1NR16E Sec. 36)
Total Parcels: 61,234 (1/1/2014)
County Surveyor
LID functions as the office of the County Surveyor.
  • Updating and indexing of PLSS Monument Dossier sheets and Control Survey Summary Diagrams.
  • Establishing and maintaining PLSS monumentation throughout the County.
  • Answering survey-related questions from the public.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
LID is responsible for coordinating Geographic Information System (GIS) and mapping activities for Walworth County.
  • Providing land information to internal and external users using various methods, including web access and digital data sales.
  • Maintaining GIS data layers, including parcels, zoning, and addresses.
  • Provide web mapping application opportunities to local municipalities for the display of their digital GIS data. Click Municipal GIS Applications to view participating municipal applications.

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