Wal-to-Wal DIAL-a-RIDE
A shared ride public transit option for travel anywhere in Walworth County

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As the public sponsor of DIAL-a-RIDE service Walworth County is very interested in hearing any of your comments or concerns about the service.
Feel free to call, write or e-mail comments or concerns to:
Contact: Al Stanek - Walworth County Administration Department
Phone: (262) 741-4352
Email: astanek@co.walworth.wi.us
Note: Clicking this direct "link" should work for most "Smart Phones" but may require other steps depending on your individual computer.
If your computer does not automatically provide a direct e-mail to Walworth County when you click this "link" you will need to copy and paste the e-mail address into the "To" area of the email service that you use (like G-mail).
As an alternative you can just jot the email address down and manually enter it into the "To:" area of the email service that you use.
US Mail: 100 West Walworth Street
P.O. Box 1001
Elkhorn, WI 53121



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