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Crime Prevention Unit

Welcome to the Crime Prevention Program.  Crime Prevention is designed to take a proactive approach by citizens and law enforcement working together to deter crime in Walworth County.

What is Crime Prevention?
It's the anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of a crime risk, and the initiation of some action to remove or reduce it.  There needs to be three factors present for a crime to occur:

1. The desire on the part of the criminal to commit the crime.
2. The ability (skills) and tools to commit the crime.
3. The opportunity to successfully carry out the crime.

We cannot hope to eliminate a criminal's desire to commit crimes.  Nor can we take away one's ability to commit the crime.  However, crime prevention can remove or reduce the opportunity.  Without an opportunity, the criminal is forced to go elsewhere.

This is accomplished by working with the community, getting the community involved in law enforcement, and is a readily available resource to the community for its safety needs.  This involvement can be with individuals, civic groups, or businesses.  The primary focus of this program is to go to these individuals or groups and give recommendations on personal, residential, and business safety.

Some of the programs that are available through the Walworth County Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Unit are:

  • Crime Stoppers                                                                 
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Residential and Business Security Surveys
  • Safety Fairs
  • Safety Talks

The Crime Prevention Officer is available to give talks and presentations on several safety topics. (Click here for list).

Crime Prevention is not new, but we need your help in fighting crime.

"It is much better to prevent one man from being a criminal than apprehending and bringing forty men to justice."

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

PLEASE NOTE - TO SUBMIT ANONYMOUS TIPS: To submit a tip via e-mail to Walworth County Crime Stoppers, click here or download the P3 Tips app on your I-phone or Android device by searching P3 Tips, or via a phone call to 262-723-2677.

Please feel free to contact the Walworth County Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Unit for your safety needs.


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