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Q- I received a questionnaire in the mail indicating that I am being considered as a potential juror.  But I don't think I qualify as a juror.  Do I have to fill it out?

A- Yes, if you have received a questionnaire, you need to complete it and return it as soon as possible.  The following link will allow you to complete the questionnaire on-line Complete Jury Questionnaire .

If you no longer live in Walworth County, be sure to check "no" for question #2, and submit a copy of your driver's license showing your new address.  If you do not have an out-of-county/state driver's license, please include your new address, telephone number, complete the questions on the form and return.

If you are a college student and live outside of the area during the school year, please complete the form and wait to see if you are called.  You may be considered for postponement based on your situation at the time.

If you have served recently or think you have served within the last 4 years, please check "yes" for question #5.  If you know when you served, please indicate that on the form.  We will be happy to check if you have served in the last 4 years and remove your name from the list if this is the case.  Jurors who made themselves available to serve are considered to have served even if they were not called in on a trial.

If you feel you are not able to serve due to your age or medical disability, please answer "yes" to question #6 and briefly describe the disability.  If due to a medical condition, you may send a separate letter along with your doctor's letter.  One of the judges will then determine if you are to be excused.  You may also wait until you are summoned to provide this information.  Other requests for excuses will be considered when you are summoned to serve.

In any case, please complete and return the form as there are penalties for disregarding the eligibility stage of the jury selection process.  If this information has not answered your questions, please call the jury clerk at (262) 741-7044.

Q.  Where do we get the names for the questionnaires?

A- Each year Walworth County requests the Department of Transportation to provide a random list of names for anyone who has a Wisconsin driver's license, Wisconsin identification card or who was issued a citation with a Walworth County address.  Each person on that list is sent a questionnaire to determine their eligibility as a potential juror.  

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