Certain Legal Notices (WI Statutes 65.90 (5)(a))

These notices are posted pursuant to the requirement of Wisconsin Statute 65.90 (5)(a): 


Res. No. 22-05/22 Authorizing Internal Allowances for Lakeland Health Care Center Available Net Position

Res. No. 21-05/22 Committing Fund Balances as a December 31, 2021

Res. No. 20-05/22 Closing Fiscal Year 2021

Res. No. 19-05/22 Accepting Income Maintenance American Rescue Plan Act Funding and Establishing a Budget

Res. No. 05-0422 Creating a New Capital Project and Establishing 2022 Design Budget for County Highway O (CTH O) with Capital Projects Fund Road and Bridge Construction Committed Fund Balance

Res. No. 06-0422 Accepting Aging and Disability Resource Center No Wrong Door COVID-19 Vaccine Supplemental Funding Grant and Establishing a Budget

Res. No. 07-0422 Appropriating $17,908 of ARPA SLCFR Funding from the Recovery Grants Fund for the Purpose of Increasing the Program Manager - Mobility Position to a 1.0 FTE with Additional Responsibility as Management Analyst of .25 FTE

Res. No. 107-03/22 Accepting Mobilizing Communities for a Just Response Health Strategy 4.1 and Disparities Grant in Wisconsin Funding and Establishing a Budget

Res. No. 108-03/22 Appropriating Lakeland Health Care Center Provider Relief Fund Phase 4 Funding for Crisis Pay Premiums in the Lakeland Health Care Center Fund

Res. No. 109-03/22 Appropriating and Reallocating ARPA SLFRF Funding from the Recovery Grants Fund to Support Personnel Needs for Ease of Administering Federal Requirements

Res. No. 110-03/22 Authorizing a County Board Budget Amendment Increasing CTH ES (West Street to STH 20) Project Construction Budget Appropriation and Increasing Related Reimbursement from the Village of East Troy

Res. No. 111-03/22 Appropriating $200,000 of ARPA SLCFR Funding from the Recovery Grants Fund for the Purpose of Supporting Nonprofit, Public Mass Transit Driver Premium Pay

Res. No. 96-02/22 Accepting Greater WI Agency on Aging Resources 2021 American Rescue Plan Act Funding

Res. No. 97-02/22 Accepting Crisis Law Enforcement Emergency Detention Consolidated Appropriations Act (CLEEDCA) Grant

Res. No. 98-02/22 Accepting Community Mental Health Services Block Grant (CMHSBG) Supplemental Award

Res. No. 89-01/22 Allocating American Rescue Act Funding for the Purpose of Investigating the Impact of Childcare on Walworth County Workforce Supply

Res. No. 90-01/22 Amending the 2022 Capital Projects Fund Budget by Replacing County Trunk Highway (CTH) L Capital Road Project with CTH O Capital Road Project

Res. No. 91-01/22 Accepting Lakeland Health Care Center ARPA Rural Funding

Res. No. 92-01/22 Authorizing the Use of Health Insurance Fund Net Position for the Unexpected Increase in Prescription Drug Claims Expense