Online Dating / Romance Scam

This is where a victim meets someone on a dating website or other social networking platform and start an online relationship. The victim has text or email contact with the subject who may claim they work overseas or are on military duty.  Scammers make fake online profiles and use photos of other people, including real military personnel.   These “relationships” go on for a time and, eventually, the subject asks for money.  

The request for money may be various reasons such as for them to get a plane ticket to visit the victim, a surgery that is needed, or something else urgent.  The subject may even ask for the victim’s bank account information or send the victim a check so deposits can be made into the victim’s account and/or money can be transferred.  

Once the scammers get money from the victims they will give excuses as to why they are unable to meet with the victim and will keep asking for money.  This usually continues until the victim ceases contact with the subject or stops sending money.  

See “Money Mule Scam” for related information.