Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report fraud?

If you live in the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction and are a victim of a financial scam, you can file a report by contacting the Sheriff’s Office at 262-741-4400.  A Deputy will document the incident and an investigation may take place.

If you live in a community that has its own local law enforcement agency you can file a report with that agency.

Should I make a report with law enforcement if I already reported the crime to my financial institution or credit card company?

Yes, the bank and credit card companies will not contact the Sheriff’s Office.  We will only know about the incident if you report it to us.   Some financial institutions or credit card companies may require that a police report be filed.

Why have I not been called by a detective?

You will not be contacted by a detective unless the case is assigned and the detective has information to provide to you or needs additional information from you.

Why was my case not assigned?

The Detective Bureau does not have sufficient staff to assign every case. The Captain of Detectives reviews reports to determine if a case will be assigned. Factors that are considered include dollar loss, if the crime is involved in a pattern, if the suspect is known or likely to be identified, and if there are investigative leads.

If you sent money to another country, the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office will not investigate.  The Federal Trade Commission has a relationship with some countries and they will share this information with them.  Report international crimes

Are there other resources related to Identity Theft and Fraud I can access?

Yes, there are multiple sites that provide more information about Identity Theft and Fraud related crimes.   Some of these sites include:

  1. Federal Trade Commission ( – this website has information about various scams and identity theft.   You  can report fraud or identity theft on their website and sign up for scam alerts.  
  2. FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center ( – this website allows you to file a complaint if you have been a victim of an internet crime or want to file on behalf of another person who has been a victim.  Analysts at IC3 will review and research the complaints and disseminate information to law enforcement or regulatory agencies for action, as appropriate.  
  3. The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection ( - this website offers information on various topics including identity theft and consumer alerts.
  4. Internal Revenue Service ( – this website allows you to access your tax information or check into tax scams  
  5. Social Security Administration ( – this website provides answers regarding your social security or if you get a call claiming there is a problem with your social security number
  6. Wisconsin Department of Transportation ( – this website allows you to inquire about getting a replacement ID if your ID is lost or stolen.

There are many useful websites that offer information on how to identify a scam and how to protect yourself.  In addition to these government sites you can do your own internet research.  The more you know, the less likely you will fall victim to a scam.