June - Household Hazardous Waste Clean Sweep, Tire and Electronic Recycling Event

Under construction.

FREE Collection of ALL TV's in 2023 at this event only.  No broken glass or disassembled materials will be accepted.

Items accepted FREE of charge*

Amplifiers, Appliances (Including microwaves, copy machines, stoves, washers, dryers, dishwashers), Bread Makers, Cables, Calculators, Camera Equipment, Car Batteries, CD Players, Cell Phones, Coffee   Makers, Computer Mice, Computer Towers, Controllers, Copiers (desktop), Cordless Phones, Curling  Irons, Digital Cameras, DVD Players, DVRs, Eight-Track Tape Players, Electronic Toys, Exercise Equipment, Fax Machines, Film Cameras, Flat Irons, Food Processors, Game Systems, Grills, GPS Devices, Hair Dryers, Hand-Held Devices, Headsets, Keyboards, Lab Equipment, Telephones (all types), Laptops, Lawn and Garden Equipment (all gas and oil must be removed from lawn mowers, etc., prior to drop off), Machinery, Medical Equipment, Microphones, Mixers, Modems, MP3 Players, Netbooks, Paper Shredders, Phone Systems, Power Cords, Power Tools, Printers (desktop), Rack Equipment, Record Player, Robotic Equipment, Rotary Phones, Routers, Satellite Phones, Satellite Receivers, Saws, Scanners (desktop), Servers, Sewing Machines, Shredders, Speakers, Tablets, Toasters, Treadmills, Turntables, Vacuum Cleaners.


All gas and oil must be removed from any appliance or equipment prior to drop off.

Items containing Freon will be accepted at the rates listed based on size: small ($5.00) or large ($10.00) CASH ONLY


Mini Fridges/ Small AC Units/ Dehumidifiers: $5.00 CASH ONLY

Refrigerators / Freezers: $10.00 CASH ONLY


*Vendor reserves the right to refuse any items not listed above.