Facility Renovations


Lakeland Health Care Center (LHCC) has proposed plans to renovate its nearly 20-year-old facility.

LHCC proposes two separate phases of work: In the first phase, LHCC hopes to renovate the existing facility to include needed infrastructure upgrades and interior renovations. This includes electrical and plumbing, HVAC system repairs, and the replacement of the roof, as well as interior renovations, and the completion of the corridors connecting units B and C. Work would begin in 2024 and end in 2026. In total, phase one is projected to cost just over $11.9 million. These upgrades will be voted on by the County Board at its February 2024 meeting.

The proposed second phase of work would include the conversion of a vacant wing into a 24-bed community-based residential facility (CBRF). If approved, design work for the second phase would be included in the 2025 budget and work would begin in 2025, continuing through 2026. The addition of the proposed CBRF is estimated to cost $3.3 million. This proposal has not been finalized and requires additional committee and County Board approvals.


Both of these documents were included in presentations given at the January Public Works and Lakeland Health Care Center Committee meetings. The agendas, meeting documents, and recorded livestreams can be accessed via the Agenda Center.

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