Unclaimed Funds

Unclaimed Funds are funds held by the Treasurer's Office for an owner who is entitled to the money, but who has failed to claim ownership of it.

Pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 59.66 - The purpose of this State Statute is to return money to its rightful owner.

To Claim Funds

  1. Complete an Affidavit of Ownership and Indemnity Agreement. 
  2. A notary public must witness your signing of the Affidavit of Ownership and Indemnity Agreement and notarize the affidavit. Notary Publics are available at most banks.
  3. Include a copy of an identity document such as a Wisconsin Driver’s License, Wisconsin identification or other government-issued identification. The document must show your full name, current residential address, signature and photo.
  4. If you are claiming funds on behalf of a business, a copy of your business card must also be included.
  5. Walworth County may require you to submit additional information to support your claim as legal owner of unclaimed funds.

Once the completed notarized affidavit and identification is received, it will be approximately 30 days before a check is received. The check will be sent to the address provided on the Affidavit of Ownership and Indemnity Agreement. The check will be made payable to the same person or entity the original check was payable to.