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Welcome To Our Website

Lakeland Health Care Center (LHCC) is a 5-Star post-acute rehabilitation, skilled nursing facility licensed by the state of Wisconsin. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and most insurances. The purpose of LHCC is to provide high quality, affordable care to the citizens of Walworth County. Our dedicated staff help residents enjoy an independent lifestyle in a beautifully maintained facility.

Our Mission is to provide exceptional care and support personalized needs to enhance the quality of life and promote the independence of those we serve.


Our Vision is to be the community leader in delivering innovative care and services.


Our Values 

Holistic Care- Support each person’s physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.


Partnership- Collaborate with our partners to optimize community impact.


Integrity- Embody honesty, professionalism, and fiscal responsibility.


Leadership- Promote a culture of professional growth, empowerment, and innovation.


Excellence- Integrate high standards of performance, best practices, and be the employer of choice.

Visiting our facility

The current updates are that if all members in a visiting group are vaccinated, in room visits may be mask-free. This is in the resident's room only. Masks must be worn in all areas of the building otherwise. If a staff member needs to enter the room when you have masks off, we ask that you kindly put your mask back on while they are in the room. This is a courtesy to our staff. All common areas require a mask from all staff, residents and visitors.


When you arrive at our facility, please sign-in at the kiosk located in the reception area.  A visitor badge will be printed, and should be worn on your person while in the facility.  If you forgot your mask, or do not have one, masks are provided, and can be found next to the kiosk.  


When departing our facility, please sign-out at the kiosk and wait for the receptionist to open the doors.  If you are leaving after window or normal visiting hours, you can use the keypad located above the kiosk to open the sliding doors. If you do not have the code, please call 262-903-3644 to receive the code to exit the door.   

For the safety of our residents, do not push the door open.  


Monday through Friday

8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday




Monday through Friday

8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday

8:00 am - 4:30 pm

You can feel free to visit at other times, but please make sure you sign-in and sign-out of the kiosk located in the reception area, and wear a mask while in our facility.  To access the facility after window or normal visiting hours, you will need to ring the doorbell and wait for someone to let you in.