Inmate Programs

Counseling Opportunities

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are provided for inmates with substance abuse-related problems. Volunteers from the community meet with inmates several times weekly in secured locations in the Jail and Huber.

Celebrate Recovery is also provided to those inmates with substance abuse or addiction-related problems.  Celebrate Recovery is a nationally known, faith-based recovery program.  Volunteers provide inmates with a Christ-centered 12-step recovery program.  For more information, see Celebrate Recovery.

APLHA Group  is now offered to inmates seeking information to live a better life. In a world of isolation, anonymity, and keyboard warriors, APHA offers content and guidance.  

All volunteers must complete a volunteer application. A criminal background will be completed prior to approval. Volunteer Application Form

Educational Programs

The Walworth County Jail contracts with Gateway Technical College to provide GED/HSED instruction to all inmates who have yet to obtain a GED or HSED.  A Gateway instructor provides classroom instruction to prepare those inmates for GED/HSED testing.  Testing is made available at no cost to the inmate on-site while incarcerated.  Testing is also available at Gateway Technical College when released.

The Walworth County Jail has a library to provide inmates with reading materials.  Books are donated regularly from area libraries.  Volunteers and staff stock book carts for the inmate areas.  Books on these carts are rotated on a weekly basis to provide a variety of reading options to choose from.

Religious Opportunities

The Walworth County Jail provides a non-denominational Jail Chaplain Program.  Volunteers provide inmates with faith-based instructional bible studies and Sunday church services.  The Jail Chaplain oversees the program, coordinates volunteers, schedules classes and services, and meets individually with inmates.  Area volunteers from the Catholic Churches also provide inmates with Catholic church services and bible studies.  Other accommodations are made for inmates who observe or practice other religious or faith-based practices.  Volunteers from different organizations meet with inmates at their request. Religious materials can be mailed from approved sources to the inmates to practice their religion of choice.  See Inmate Services: US Mail/Packages

Visiting Clergy:
Any member of any religious organization that wishes to meet with an inmate or inmates must complete an application form for visiting community clergy. The application will be reviewed for approval or denial by the Jail Chaplain. Once approved, the name of the member will be placed on an approved professional visitation list. Clergy Application