Reporting To Jail

Whether it is your first time or you have been to jail before, you will be fingerprinted, photographed, and asked personal information questions that will need to be answered. We realize that you may be in jail for many different reasons. You have been charged with or sentenced here for a violation of the law. It is the legal responsibility of the Sheriff to house you when you have been arrested and confined awaiting bail or bond posting, arraignment, legal proceedings, or have been sentenced by the courts. We will provide for your basic human needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter. The jail staff is here to ensure your health, safety, and well being. The staff will treat you with respect and the same is expected of you. Rules are in place to keep you and others safe.

Bring as little property as possible with you when reporting to jail. All clothing and hygiene products will be provided or made available for purchase through the jail commissary. No external items will be allowed within the secured facility. All monies will be deposited in an inmate trust account and used for the purchase of commissary, medical services, and other expenses. All sentenced inmates will be charged a booking fee for all current or previous bookings associated with that sentenced charge.

Meals are provided three times daily. Additional items are also available for purchase at designated times.

Healthcare Services are available 24/7 under the supervision of our medical vendor Southern Health Partners.

If you are currently taking any prescription medications, please bring them with you. All medications will need to be current and verified through the prescribing physician prior to receiving them. Additional or replacement medications may be prescribed by the jail doctor. There are three medication passes per day while in Huber and two per day for those housed in the main jail.

If you are reporting to serve a term of confinement in the Walworth County Jail, you must arrive on your scheduled report date and time noted on your Judgement of Conviction. YOU MUST REPORT ON TIME AND HAVE A .00% BLOOD ALCOHOL AND CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE LEVEL. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary sanctions and will delay qualification for Electronic Monitoring.  Please see the Electronic Monitoring Information page for more details.

You are further advised that if you fail to report to jail after the scheduled report date you may be charged with the crime of "Failure to Report to Jail" contrary to s.946.425 Wis. Stats. This is a misdemeanor if your sentence is less than 10 days; however, if your sentence is ten days or longer, it is a felony.