Child Protective Services

The goal of Child Protective Services (CPS system) is to support parents/caregivers in making necessary changes so children are safe and protected in their homes. If the child cannot safely stay in the home, it may be necessary to place a child temporarily in out-of-home care.


The CPS Access/Initial Assessment unit is responsible for receiving, screening and assessing reports of alleged child maltreatment. The focus of the CPS Initial Assessment is child safety and is not to establish legal responsibility or make criminal determinations. CPS focuses on child safety and engaging with families to keep children safely in their home whenever possible.

Ongoing Services

When CPS Initial Assessment determines additional services are needed to assure child safety, the family will engage in Ongoing Services. These children may be under the jurisdiction of the court under Wisconsin Children’s Code Chapter 48, or they may be voluntarily working with CPS Ongoing. Our primary goal is to help families remain together by ensuring child safety and providing the family with sufficient resources to meet identified needs. Ongoing workers work diligently with families to overcome conditions that affect child safety. Throughout the provision of Ongoing Services, the primary role of the agency caseworker is to engage families in a positive working relationship to achieve a safe, stable home and permanence for children.

When to Report

If you are thinking “What exactly is child maltreatment?” or you are considering making a CPS report, CPS Access workers and/or supervisors are available to answer questions and guide your decision to report. Remember, anyone can make a report and everyone can play a role in keeping children safe. Walworth County Child Protective Services is available to receive reports of alleged maltreatment 24 hours per day/7 days a week at 262-741-3200.

The CPS Process