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Lakeland School Staff Testimonials

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Lakeland School is an important resource and integral part of Walworth County's Special Education system, working in harmony and cooperation with the independent school districts within the County. Districts utilize Lakeland School's program based on Individual Education Plan (IEP) team recommendations.Lakeland School

After Lakeland School is determined to be the least restrictive environment, students benefit from the expert staff, low student-to-teacher ratio, and an opportunity to develop friendships among a sizeable peer group. Lakeland School offers all students safety, structure, and personalized attention and care that meets their individual needs.

Mission Statement

It is our goal to create a safe, resourceful learning environment that empowers each learner to reach his or her potential.

Just like the butterfly, I too will awaken in my own time. Deborah ChaskinButterfly

What's For Lunch?

Due to ongoing sourcing and delivery challenges, it may be necessary to make last minute changes to the daily menu. We will do our best to post changes as they are known. If you have questions, please contact the school at 262-741-4118.