Administration Department

Department Goal

It is our goal to create a safe learning environment that empowers the student to reach his/her individual potential. The staff at Lakeland School lead every student toward meeting his/her personal responsibilities in the areas of academics, daily living, and interpersonal skills with the goal of preparing self-confident, productive and responsible citizens.

  1. Huettl, Matthew

    Matthew Huettl

    Director of Special Education

  1. Singleton, Sarah

    Sarah Singleton

    Assistant Director of Special Education


    Trish McCullough


  1. Bronson, Jodi

    Jodi Bronson

    Director of Pupil Services, School Psychologist

  1. Smith, Holly

    Holly Smith

    Director of Curriculum & Instruction

  1. Braatz, Laura

    Laura Braatz

    Special Education Data Manager - Compliance

  1. Leyda, Ginger

    Ginger Leyda

    Confidential Secretary

  1. Gladden, Paula

    Paula Gladden

    Senior Accountant

  1. Bennett, Michelle

    Michelle Bennett

    Office Staff

  1. Funderburk, Deb

    Deb Funderburk