Public Health

The Walworth County Division of Public Health does the following services:Public Health - Prevent, Promote, Protect

  • Collects information and identifies problems and conditions that potentially affect the health of the community
  • Inspects and investigates conditions and environments that may adversely affect public health
  • Provides information on health related matters
  • Works to control the spread of communicable diseases

About the Division


To equitably protect, promote, empower and engage all individuals and communities for optimal health and wellbeing.


A thriving, connected and healthy Walworth County.

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The Pulse on Public Health

  1. A Moment for Mental Health

    May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness month. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought mental health to the forefront of conversations and has helped reduce the stigma surrounding it. Mental health needs have been identified as a top...

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