2035 Multi-Jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan & Update

Wisconsin State Statutes, Section 66.1001 sets the rules for communities regulating land use to adopt a comprehensive plan and update it every 10 years.  After a 2 year planning process, the Walworth County Board adopted its update of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan on June 11, 2019.  Given that there have not been significant changes to the character of the community, population growth and economic opportunities, the decision was made not to modify goals and objectives in the 2035 plan.  The plan update reviewed and documented new county and regional plans that have been adopted that may impact the County's land use plan map to reflect updated information.  The update also updated the plan implementation element of the 2035 Plan.

2035 Plan2035 Plan
Plan Update-2050 Plan2050 Plan

2035 Multi-Jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan for Walworth County & Participating Towns *

* The Towns of Bloomfield, Linn and Lyons have their own plans that are adopted by reference.