Group Classes

Community Education Group Classes are a fun, free, and interactive way for schools, business, and community organizations in Walworth County to learn and gain skills to be healthy.  A Walworth County Public Health staff member will lead and customize each presentation to maximize the benefit for each group.

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  •  Disease Detectives: Learn how outbreak investigations work and participate in a mock investigation.Target Audience: Upper Elementary – High School, will be adjusted based on audience
  • Glow Germ: In this fun, interactive session, kids will have the opportunity to watch how germs spread and see just how long you need to wash your hands to stop them in their tracks! Target Audience: Elementary
  • Immunizations - Get the Facts: Get the truth about immunizations based on the latest science. Target Audience: All
  • STI and Pregnancy Prevention: The basics of sexually transmitted diseases, treatment and prevention, and information on your options for pregnancy prevention. Target Audience: Adolescents (Middle School and Older) and Adults


  • School/Childcare Asthma Walk Through: The walk through focuses on identifying the five main asthma triggers (animals, dust mites, mold and mildew, strong odors, and pests) and identifying no-cost to low-cost recommendations to reduce or eliminate environmental asthma hazards.  Additionally, participants will learn ways to prevent/manage asthma symptoms. Target Audience: School administrators, maintenance workers, school nurses, childcare staff
  • Lead, The Hidden Danger: Learn about lead poisoning, its effects on the body, how to prevent it, and how to avoid lead exposure during home remodeling. Target Audience: Parents, caregivers, families, construction workers, child care workers
  • Radon in the Home: Covers the basics of radon. What it is, where it is found, and what to do about it. Target Audience: Adults
  • Seven Essentials to a Healthy Home: Learn the seven aspects that lead to a healthy home, what to look for, and how you can keep your home a healthy place for you and your family. Target Audience: Adults
  • What’s in the Water: Learn about how ground water can become contaminated and the filtration process to make it safe to drink. Target Audience: Upper Elementary


  • Cooking Demonstrations: Staff host cooking demonstrations on how to make easy and healthy foods. Children are welcome.  Target Audience: All 
  • Farm to Table: Learn where food comes from and what it does to your body.  Target Audience: Elementary
  • Grocery Store Tours: Learn how to make healthy food choices throughout the supermarket.  Learn and practice how to read nutrition labels in this casual, hands-on, discussion based tour.  Target Audience: All
  • Keep Heart Healthy: Learn about how foods and exercise keep your heart healthy. Presentation includes a game of red light green light while identifying heart healthy foods, learning how to take your pulse, and a demonstration of clogged blood vessels.  Target Audience: Elementary
  • My Plate: Learn how to choose healthy foods at home and school to become a My Plate Champion! Target Audience: Elementary


  • Baby Basics: Come and meet other mom’s and learn about getting off to a good start to breastfeeding. Bring your support system and discuss common misconceptions and learning to maintain supply with other mothers and certified lactation specialists in a casual atmosphere. Target Audience: Pregnant and new mothers
  • Healthy Growth and Development: Learn about the healthy growth milestones for baby, the importance of play, and how your health impacts baby. Target Audience: Parents, caregivers, families
  • Healthy Moms Happy Babies Seven weekly sessions for pregnant women under the age of 21 and their support person. Education and information on infant safety, development, safe sleep, stress management, car seat safety, support services and more. Essential baby items and food provided at each session.  To sign up, click here.
    Target Audience: Young expecting parents and their support person. 
  • Safe Sleep: Covers the basics of a safe sleep environment and how the infant sleep space impacts their overall health. Participants will learn to identify a safe sleep space and get the tools to keep their own child safe at night. Target Audience: Parents, care givers, and families of infants


  • Nico-Teen: An exploration into the teen vaping epidemic. The presentation will highlight local vaping data, health consequences, marketing strategies that hook youth, and resources for educating youth on vaping. Target Audience: Elementary – High School, parents, and community organizations
  • Classroom Connections: Customized substance abuse prevention activities and education for adolescents (topics include smoking, drinking, drugs) Target Audience: Elementary – High School
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Learn about the signs of drug use, drug trends in our community, and get to see a mock-up of a teen bedroom complete with drug paraphernalia common in our community. Target Audience: Anyone 21+
  • Written Off Documentary: Written Off tells the story of a young Wisconsin man, Matt Edwards, and his addiction to opioids. The documentary humanizes addiction through the journals that Matt wrote. Written Off aims to reduce stigma by challenging the way you think about addiction. Screenings are limited to 200 people per showing. Target Audience: High School and older


  • Be a Tree: Learn about dog bite prevention with a fun and interactive presentation that teaches children how to read dog body language and be safe around dogs. Target Audience: Elementary
  • GrapeVine: A program of the Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation in which trained nurses lead free health education sessions in the community on women’s health topics. The goal is to educate Wisconsin women about disease prevention and healthy lifestyle changes. Available topics include: Better Brain Health, Bone Health, Gynecological Cancer, Heart Health, Mental Health, Opioid Misuse Prevention, Oral Health, Self-Care, Smoke Free Spaces, Advance Care Planning, Breast Cancer, Diabetes Prevention. Target Audience: Adult Women
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  • Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) for Suicide Prevention: A program proven to prevent suicide, QPR is designed to help you know how to identify the warning signs of suicide and help a person in crisis. Target Audience: Adolescents (Middles School and Older) and Adults Sign Up for a Free Session HERE
  • Stay Away Tooth Decay: Learn about good dental hygiene with activities that teach what is good or bad for your teeth. Target Audience: Elementary
  • What is Public Health? Presentation designed to highlight all of the different ways public health works to positively impact health in daily life and throughout the community. Presentation also includes discussion on the individual’s role in public health and prevention. Target Audience: All