Visitors & Volunteers

Visitors Policy

Parents are always welcome, but they are encouraged to make an appointment to see a teacher, to see the principal, or to visit their child's classroom. Other visitors need prior permission from administration so that there is no conflict with the student's and teacher's schedules. 

All visitors are required to stop at the office when entering the building to sign the Visitor's Log and obtain a visitor badge. Visitors will then be escorted to their destinations and, when they conclude their business, will be escorted back to the office to return the visitor badge and sign out. We ask that you always use the main entrance when entering and leaving the school. All other entrances are locked and secured. This procedure will increase the safety and security of the building for your child and reduce classroom interruptions.

How Can I Be a Volunteer at Lakeland School?

If you would like to learn about volunteer opportunities at Lakeland School, please contact Colleen Lesniak, Walworth County Volunteer Services Coordinator at 262-741-4223 or visit the Volunteer Resource Center.

Procedure for Special Events

When special events occur, (i.e. holiday concert, assemblies, athletic meets, etc.) tables will be set up in the foyer area by the office where families and visitors will sign in. We also ask families to indicate at that time if they will be taking their child home after the event. If you are taking your child home, you will be required to either remain in the event area or by the front foyer area to pick up your child. We will let you know which area when you sign in. You will not be able to walk down to your child's classroom or other areas of the building.

School Security

Lakeland School works with the Walworth County Sheriff's Department to ensure a safe and secure school environment. Doors will be locked and all visitors must enter through the main entrance before checking in at the main office to receive  a visitor badge. All parents will be escorted to and from classrooms and/or meetings.