Getting the right resource to the right location every time!

We are the first of the first responders, providing 24 hour 911 communications services to Walworth County police, fire and EMS agencies.

The Walworth County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center answers over 120,000 emergency and non-emergency telephone calls per year. During 2021, we dispatched over 200,000 police, fire and EMS incidents across Walworth County.

We proudly provide dispatch services for the following agencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


  • Walworth County Sheriff's Office
  • Elkhorn Police Department
  • City of Delavan Police Department
  • Town of Delavan Police Department
  • Village of Sharon Police Department
  • Village of Walworth Police Department
  • Village of Fontana Police Department
  • Village of Williams Bay Police Department
  • Town of Geneva Police Department
  • Town of Linn Police Department
  • Bloomfield Police Department
  • Village of East Troy Police Department
  • Town of East Troy Police Department
  • Town of Troy Water Patrol
  • Lauderdale LaGrange Law Enforcement Patrol

Fire And EMS

  • Elkhorn Area Fire Department
  • City of Delavan Fire Department
  • Town of Delavan Fire Department
  • Darien Fire Department
  • Sharon Fire Department
  • Walworth Fire Department
  • Fontana Fire Department
  • Williams Bay Fire Department
  • Bloomfield Fire Department
  • Linn Fire Department
  • Lyon Fire Department
  • East Troy Fire Department
  • Troy Center Fire Department
  • Lauderdale LaGrange Fire Department
  1. Captain Todd Neumann

    Captain Todd Neumann

    Communications Division

We proudly serve as the MABAS Division 103 primary dispatch center.