Conservation Poster Contest

The Walworth County Land Conservation Department along with the County Land Conservation Committee, sponsors a Conservation Poster Contest. This contest provides an opportunity for area youth to become more aware of conservation of our natural resources through artistic design.  The contest is open to students in grades K-12.  Contestants are grouped and judged based on their grade. (K-1, 2-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12)

This contest is one step in a journey to the national conservation poster competition.  The County will award first and second place awards to students in each age category.  The first place winners from our participating age groups move forward to the Southeast Wisconsin Conservation Association “Area” competition to be held in late January, 2022.  The Southeast Area Contest counties include, Walworth, Washington, Ozaukee, Racine, Waukesha, and Milwaukee.

The first place winners from the Area competition move forward to the statewide competition which is held in conjunction with the Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association’s Annual Conference. Winners from the statewide competition advance to the national competition where entrants have a chance to win cash prizes.

The 2022 contest theme is "Healthy Soil: Healthy Life".  Information for the 2022 contest theme can be found at the National Association of Conservation District's website.  NACD’s Stewardship Program webpage.

2021 Results

This year’s Conservation Poster Contest resulted in a total of 50 participants from three schools - Lake Geneva Middle School, Traver School and Our Redeemer Lutheran Church and School.  This year students in 4th-6th and 7th-9th grade groups participated.  The winners of the Walworth County contest are as follows:

Grades 4-6

1st Place: Kirsten Sertzel, Lake Geneva Middle School*

2nd Place: Dayanara Torres, Lake Geneva Middle School

Honorable Mention: Carter Jacobs, Lake Geneva Middle School

Honorable Mention: Sophia Barrett, Traver School

Grades 7-9

1st Place: Madison Wojciuch, Traver School*

2nd Place: Hailey Wojciuch, Traver School

Honorable Mention: Carley Ceshker, Traver School

Honorable Mention: Madeline Daehn, Traver School

*The first place winners from our contest were forwarded on to the Southeast Area Contest. There, Kirsten Sertzel and Madison Wojciuch each earned second place awards. 

Click on 2021 Posters below to view an enlargement:

1st Place Grades 4-6 Kirsten Sertzel

Kirsten Area Winner Thumbnail

2nd Place Grades 4-6 Dayanara Torres

Thumbnail Dayanara Torres_2nd Place_LGMS

Honorable Mention Grades 4-6 Carter Jacobs

Thumbnail Carter Jacobs_Honorable Mention_LGMS

Honorable Mention Grades 4-6 Sophia Barrett

Thumbnail Sophia Barrett_Honorable Mention_Traver

1st Place Grades 7-9 Madison Wojciuch

Madison Area Winner Thumbnail

2nd Place Grades 7-9 Hailey Wojciuch

Thumbnail Hailey Wojciuch_2nd Place_Traver

Honorable Mention Grades 7-9 Carley Ceshker

Thumbnail Carley Ceshker_Honorable Mention_Traver

Honorable Mention Grades 7-9 Madeline Daehn

Thumbnail Madeline Daehn_Honorable Mention_Traver

2020 Contest - Where Would we Bee without Pollinators?

The 2020 contest theme was “Where would we Bee without Pollinators?”.   There were a total of 42 participants from two schools, Traver Elementary School is Lake Geneva and East Troy Middle School. Participants were from the grades 4-6 and grades 7-9 age groups.  The Walworth County level winners were as follows:

1st Place Grades 4-6 Madeline Daehn

1st Place Madeline Daehn (JPG)

2nd Place Grades 4-6 Madison Wojcjuch

2nd Place Madison Wojciuch (JPG)

3rd Place Grades 4-6 Hailey Wojcjuch

3rd Place Hailey Wojciuch (JPG)

Honorable Mention Grades 4-6 Avery Acevedo

Honorable Mention Avery Acevedo (JPG)

Honorable Mention Grades 4-6 Emma Larkin

Honorable Mention Emma Larkin (JPG)

Honorable Mention Grades 4-6 Sophia Barrett

Honorable Mention Sophia Barrett (JPG)

Honorable Mention Grades 4-6 Yadira Castro

Honorable Mention Yadira Castro (JPG)

1st Place Grades 7-9 Michaela Courtway

1st Place Michaela Courtway (JPG)

2nd Place Grades 7-9 Gabriella Zavelta

2nd Place Gabriella Zavaleta (JPG)

3rd Place Grades 7-9 Joselyn Vina

3rd Place Joselyn Vina (JPG)

Honorable Mention Grades 7-9 Nottestad

Honorable Mention Ashlin Nottestad (JPG)

Honorable Mention Grades 7-9 Daisy Mercado

Honorable Mention Daisy Mercado (JPG)

Honorable Mention Grades 7-9 Eric Street

Honorable Mention Eric Street (JPG)

Honorable Mention Grades 7-9 Isaac Ayala

Honorable Mention Isaac Ayala (JPG)

Honorable Mention Grades 7-9 Molly Anderson

Honorable Mention Molly Anderson (JPG)

2019 Contest- Life is in the Soil

The theme for 2019 was "Life in the Soil".  There were a total of 28 participants from two schools, Traver Elementary School is Lake Geneva and Lakeland School of Walworth County.  Participants were from the grades 4-6 and grades 7-9 age groups.

1st Place Grades 4-6 Hailey Wojciuch

1st place grades 4 to 6 Hailey Wojciuch

2nd Place Grades 4-6 Yadira Castro

2nd place grades 4 to 6 Yadira Castro

3rd Place Grades 4-6 Madison Wojciuch

3rd place grades 4 to 6 Madison Wojciuch

1st Place Grades 7-9 Michaela Courtway

1st place grades 7 to 9 Michaela Grace

2nd Place Grades 7-9 Tyler O'Brien

2nd place grades 7 to 9 Tyler O Brien

3rd Place Grades 7-9 Ashley Seidell

3rd place grades 7 to 9 Ashely Seidell

2018 Contest - Watersheds, Our Water, Our Home

The theme for 2018 was "Watersheds, Our Water, Our Home".  There were a total of 24 participants all from Traver Elementary School in Lake Geneva.  There were 10 participants in the grade 4-6 category and 14 in the grade 7-9 category.  One winner from Walworth County, Victoria Anaya, grade 7 at the time, was one the Southeast Area Contest and the poster was forwarded on to the State Contest.

1st Place Grades 4-6 Virginia Escaro

4 to 6 1st place

2nd Place Grades 4-6 Ashlin Nottestad

2018 Grade 4 to 6 4 to 6 2nd place (JPG)

3rd Place Grades 4-6 Karla Castro

4 to 6 3rd place

1st Place Grades 7-9 Victoria Anaya

2018 Grade  7 to 9 1st place (JPG)

2nd Place Grades 7-9 Cheyenne Billings

7 to 9 2nd place

3rd Place Grades 7-9 Grace Geils

7 to 9 3rd place