Inmate Visitation

Professional visitation for legal counsel and related professionals, P& P agents, authorized

religious leaders, educators, and any other persons approved by Jail Administration may be

allowed daily from 7am – 10pm. Professionals who are a relative of the inmate may also

require additional approval from Jail Administration to insure that visitation time is used for

professional matters and not personal visit time.

The following regulations establish the requirements for visitation of Walworth County jail


1. Professional person visiting must have picture identification.

2. Professional person must have professional status identification, such as a bar

card for an attorney or state ID for a P&P Agent, etc.

3. Clergy will need to be pre-approved by Jail Administration.

All persons entering the professional visitation areas are subject to search of their person

and/or property. Professional visitors are encouraged to leave any unnecessary items in their


All regular family/friend visitation is done via video from terminals here in the Huber Lobby or

offsite on an electronic device with a camera capable of internet access.

Inmate Visitation Rules


1. All visitors must register on ICSolutions with all required information

before being able to schedule a visit. More information like visitation times are

available on the ICS website.

2. All visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

3. Visits will be at maximum of 30 minutes in length. Visitors and Inmates are expected to

leave the kiosks immediately at the conclusion of the visit to allow the next visit to start.

4. Each visitor will be allowed to visit once per day from offsite and twice per day from

onsite here at the Huber Lobby.

5. Each inmate is allowed one visit per day from offsite and two visits per day from onsite.

6. Visits may be scheduled up to two weeks in advance. You may not change visitors

within the 24 hour window. Unregistered visitors may result in disconnection of the


7. All visitors must present a valid driver’s license or other government issued photo ID to

the camera at the start of each visit.

8. Visitors must be at least 18 years of age to visit unless accompanied by their parent or

legal guardian. A birth certificate or guardianship documents must be shown to the

camera at the start of the visit or presented to the Sheriff’s Office staff upon arrival for a


9. Visitors are responsible for the behavior of any children brought to the Sheriff’s Office

for visitation. Children under the age of 16 cannot be left unattended in the lobby.

Disruptive behavior may result in termination of the visit.

10. No backpacks, bags, parcels, or packages of any kind are allowed within the visitation


11. No food or drink is allowed within the visitation area of the Sheriff’s Office.

12. No cell phones or electronic devices are permitted within the visitation area of the

Sheriff’s Office.

13. Loitering or wandering within the visitation area is prohibited. Visitors will be expected

to be in the lobby area at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled visit but will not be

allowed entry in the visitation area more than 5 minutes prior due to other visits

potentially already in progress. Once a visitor enters the visitation area, they may not

leave and return until the visit is completed unless asked to do so by staff.

14. Visitors may not wear highly provocative or inappropriate clothing as determined by

staff. Clothing must cover shoulders and midriffs. Low cut shirts and high cut shorts will

not be allowed. Appropriate footwear is required. Any violation as determined by staff

may result in delay or termination of the visit.

15. Visitors who violate any of the rules listed above may have their visitation privileges

suspended or terminated by jail administration.

16. Visits may also be cancelled or terminated for any of the following reasons including but

not limited to:

A. Disruptive Behavior by either the visitor or the inmate

B. Use of offensive or inappropriate language

C. If the visitor appears under the influence of ANY alcohol or drugs

D. If the visitor refuse to show or fails to possess proper identification

E. If the visitor refuses to submit to reasonable security precautions

F. If the inmate refuses the visit

G. If contraband is discovered

H. If there is an emergency within the jail that requires the inmate to be

locked down.