Inmate Telephone

Inmate telephones are made available throughout the jail for use during normal waking hours in the housing units and 24/7 in the intake cells. Incoming calls for inmates are not allowed. Inmate telephone services are provided to the Walworth County Jail by ViaPath Technologies. Please use this link, when setting up accounts, as there are many identical sounding companies on the internet. Some internet sites are set up to scam family members with unbelievable free offer deals. The real telephone vendor does not offer specials or sales.

Phone calls are limited to 15 minutes in length. Calls are billed at $.14 per minute for domestic calls; international rates vary. All calls are recorded unless requested and verified to be privileged calls to attorneys. 

The best way to allow for telephone calls between yourself and a Walworth County inmate is to set up an AdvancePay or Pin Debit account. The very first time a phone number is called from the facility, it will allow for a 60-second free call prior to being forwarded to the call center to set up a prepaid/debit account. 

AdvancePay accounts are set up using your personal telephone number. This type of prepaid account allows inmates to call your phone, and your phone only, using the money in the AdvancePay account. You will still have the option on each individual call to accept or refuse the phone call. 

Pin Debit accounts are set up using the inmate’s SPN (Specific Person Number). This type of prepaid account allows the inmate to call whoever they wish once entered on their PAN (Personally Assigned Number) list. This option does give the inmate the freedom to call whoever they wish, but it also means they may use up the money you put on the account talking to other people. 

The inmate pin debit account is a separate account from the inmate’s commissary account.  Inmates can use their PIN debit funds for phone calls, tablet usage, and video visits. Please see the Inmate Commissary to find more information on depositing money into the inmate’s commissary account.