Substance Use

Substance use is consistently identified as a top health issue in Wisconsin as a whole and Walworth County specifically. Currently, areas of specific local concern include, but are not limited to, opiate use, the drinking culture, and youth e-cigarette use. Walworth County supports efforts that work on preventing use, reducing harm from use, and increasing access to treatment.

  1. Smoking/Vaping
  2. Alcohol
  3. Opioids

The Next Generation of Addictive Tobacco Products

Electronic cigarettes. Little cigars. Sweet candy flavors. The next generation of addictive tobacco products is here, and most of them don’t look anything like a pack of cigarettes. Tobacco has evolved so fast, it’s tough for parents to recognize tobacco when they see it—and even tougher to talk to your kids about the terrible damage tobacco products can do. But that can change right here.

Governor Tony Evers and the Departments of Health Services and Public Instruction team for letter to school districts promoting youth e-cigarette resources

Governor Tony Evers, Department of Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm, and Department of Public Instruction Secretary Carolyn Stanford Taylor recently sent a joint letter on e-cigarettes to Wisconsin school district administrators. The letter detailed e-cigarettes' health harms for youth, outlined steps school districts can take to address the issue, and provided resources on instituting comprehensive tobacco-free school policies, integrating e-cigarettes into health curriculum, and connecting addicted youth with cessation resources.


Wisconsin Tobacco Quitline

1-800- QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)

or Text READY to 200-400


Truth Initiative Logo

For youth and young adults: Text DITCHVAPE to 88709

Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation

First Breath is Wisconsin’s free program to help people make positive changes to their tobacco, alcohol and substance use during pregnancy & beyond!