Flooding is becoming an issue all around Walworth County

In most cases there is little that can be done and each homeowner needs to prepare themselves to protect their property. If the flooding is on private property there is little that the local government can do to assist.  
Currently there are no State or Federal grants available to assist private property owners. Either of these grants would require a State Declaration of Emergency and there are none at this point.

The major issue is that homes have been built in low areas and the amount of rain and snow we have received have increased the groundwater level.  In turn some lakes and ponds have no inlets or outlets and have collected a large amount of water causing them to overflow into lower areas. 

There currently is no good solution to prevent this as to move water from one area to another will just cause the flooding to move to other locations.  

If the water is going to affect your well or septic system, sandbagging  is a good source of protection.  If you think it has affected your well, do not drink the water until you can get it tested. 

Sand bags are a good option and can be purchased locally or on line.  The cost runs about .39 cents each.   Sand would have to be purchased from a local pit and delivered.  Purchasing bags of sand is rather expensive when we talk about sand bagging. 

Click on this link on how to sandbag.  It will describe the correct placement of bags to protect you property and home.  You can google other methods and how to use plastic sheeting with sandbags to protect your property

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