Plan Documents

Public Works is responsible for a number of various plans and policies affecting the residents of Walworth County, and works with organizations such as the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission "SEWRPC" in developing these plan documents.  

SEWRPC has conducted reviews and updates of the regional land use and transportation plan, in part, to address Federal requirements, of the VISION 2050 plan that was developed in 2016 and updated in 2020.  Refer to these links for more information:  Vision 2050 (PDF), Vision 2050 Review and Update (PDF), and Vision 2050 Volume III (PDF). 

In addition, SEWRPC has provided Walworth County with the following plans and updates:

Solid Waste Management Plan 1994 (PDF)

Park and Open Spaces Plan 12-13-2021 (PDF)

Public Works has also developed internal policies and procedures which provide long-range guidance for our County assets and operations:

Campus Snow Plan  2020 (PDF)

Facilities Master Plan (to be completed)

10-year Equipment Plan 2021-2030 (PDF)

Project Management (PM) Desk Manual 12-13-2021 (PDF)

Road & Bridge Improvement Plan  2021-2030 (PDF)

Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025 (PDF)

Strategic Asset Management Plan 2020 (PDF)

Winter Road Maintenance Manual 2020 (PDF)