Asset Management Levels of Service

Asset Management

The Asset Management division is a team of multi-disciplinary skilled professionals and management staff who maintain utilities and buildings for Walworth County.  We provide quality service in an efficient and professional manner to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all building occupants.  The following services are processed daily using the various Priority Levels listed below:

Maintenance requests

  1. Life Safety - Fire alarm activation, fire suppression discharge, life safety system troubles.  Immediate Response.
  2. High Priority - Water leaks, critical system or mechanical failures, extreme heat of cold in conditioned spaces.  Four (4) Hour Response
  3. Normal - Hot or cold complaints, cleaning requests.  One (1) Working Day Response.
  4. Low Priority - Key requests, move requests, etc.  Five (5) Working Day Response.

Pest Control Service requests

  1. High - Bed bugs, lice, infestation of living spaces (jail, nursing home) or kitchen/food prep spaces.  Immediately coordinated response with contractor engagement.
  2. Normal - Insect control, rodent control in low priority area. Same day investigation, planned response.
  3. Low - Issues in low priority areas. Example: pests entering via floor drains in a mechanical or basement area. Five (5) Working Day Response.

Solid Waste Collection

This service varies from building to building, and the division is seeking to control the frequency and location of recycling collection based on current needs.



Desk / OfficeVaries per Contract
Break or Lunch RoomsDaily
Central Collection PointsDaily
Conference roomsWeekly
Building Collection Points (dumpsters)

Refer to our Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025 (PDF) for a more detailed description of our Levels of Service.