How to Apply

For persons interested in CCS who are not currently receiving services through Health & Human Services, please call 262-741-3200 and ask to speak to a CCS Supervisor, or have the attached referral form completed. A CCS representative will outreach to you by phone for further information and assessment. All referrals to the CCS program are thoroughly screened prior to admission. These referrals may come from a school, doctor, or a self-referral.

Release of Information

Referral Form


The CCS Representative will use written information, a personal interview, and the results of a State functional screen to determine if you are eligible for the CCS program. The functional screen looks at risk factors and things you may need help with such as managing your symptoms, medications, or health; assistance to obtain benefits; assistance with work or school; and other factors. You may be asked to sign releases of information so that other persons may be contacted to obtain information.  Further questions may be asked to help determine programmatic eligibility.

  • Basic Eligibility:
    • Must be a County resident
    • Eligible for Medical Assistance (Medicaid Title XIX)
    • Have a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis
    • Have functional limitation in one or more major life activities caused by mental health or substance use issues as measured by the State screen
    • Have a need for psychosocial rehabilitation services