Pretrial Services

Mission Statement: The mission of the Walworth County Pretrial Supervision Program is to enhance public safety and offender accountability by providing alternatives to detention by way of supervision and monitoring to pretrial defendants with the goal of reducing recidivism and increasing appearance rate, thereby increasing the quality of life for the citizens of Walworth County, and to presume innocence and offer the least restrictive conditions necessary to ensure appearance and public safety while not unnecessarily incarcerating defendants during pretrial status.

Eligibility: This program is designed to serve low risk defendants who would benefit from being diverted away from pretrial incarceration, and moderate to high risk defendants who would best serve themselves, the community, and the interest of justice, by being released with conditions of pretrial supervision.

The following MUST be true for a defendant to be eligible for pretrial supervision 

  • Defendant is a resident of Walworth County 
  • Defendant completed the Pretrial Assessment Questionnaire form 
  • Defendant is determined to be a legal adult by the court;
  • Defendant is NOT facing a violent crime charge in current case or any pending cases;
  • Defendant is NOT charged with a felony OWI;
  • Defendant has NO pending charges in other counties;
  • Defendant does not have a Hold; probation or supervision related; and is not currently serving a sentence
  • Defendant is not currently enrolled in another supervision program 

Contact Information: For more information, please contact your attorney or Devonte Stevenson, Pretrial Services Coordinator, at 262-741-7039.