Who We Work With

Walworth County Health & Human Services CCS program has a dedicated staff of onsite CCS certified therapists. In addition, WCDHHS CCS program also collaborates with all in house programs that consumers may be receiving services from: 

  • Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic
  • Children’s Services including Children’s Protective Services (CPS), Children’s  Long Term Support (CLTS), and Youth Justice
  • Aging & Long Term Care Services (ADRC)
  • Crisis Intervention Services
  • Public Health Services
  • Economic Support Services (ESS)
  • Court Services (OWI, Drug Court, Family Treatment Court)

CCS also works closely with area schools and law enforcement.

Outside Providers Directory

CCS has contracted outside providers including: 

  • Alternatives in Psychology
  • CA Counseling
  • Center for Change
  • Children & Family Therapeutic System
  • Children’s Service Society
  • Clinical Psychology Associates
  • Compassionate Family Services
  • Credence
  • Crossroads
  • Family Service Agency of Waukesha
  • Foster Lane
  • Foundations
  • LAD Lake
  • Lakeside Counseling
  • Lessons in Harmony
  • Moving On, LLC
  • Music Speaks
  • Oak Tree
  • Orion
  • PKM Solutions
  • Professional Services Group (PSG)
  • SEA Group
  • Stateline
  • The Willows EMDR & Counseling Center

If your provider is not listed above, please inform the CCS Supervisor at time of referral.

Through the assessment and recovery plan process, your CCS Service Facilitator will assist you in determining the appropriate services for you and/or your child and will assist you in scheduling with providers of your choice. Additional providers may be available in Jefferson and Rock counties.

 ***If you are currently receiving outpatient psychotherapy, these services must be provided through the CCS program***