Who are the heirs?

Heir means any person, including the surviving spouse, who is entitled under the statutes of intestate succession to an interest in the property of the decedent. Refer to Wisconsin Chapter 852 for the order of distribution. Heirs are entitled to notice of probate proceedings and will inherit all of the decedent's assets if he or she did not leave a will.

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1. What is Probate?
2. I have an original will of a relative who just passed away. There are no assets that require probate. What do I do with the original will?
3. What is the filing fee for probate?
4. What is the difference between being named a personal representative or an executor?
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9. Do you give hearing dates out for probate/guardianship pleadings before they are filed?
10. How do I file a claim?
11. I have a relative who died owning less than $50,000 in solely owned property, do I need to file a probate?
12. I have been appointed personal representative/executor for the estate of my uncle, who was an Illinois resident. My uncle owned a piece of real estate in Walworth County. What do I need to do?
13. Do I need an attorney to go through probate?
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17. How do I go about collecting proceeds from a life insurance policy from the decedent?
18. I had power of attorney for my loved one who just passed away. Can I still manage his/her affairs?
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20. Who are the heirs?
21. When are the annual reports for guardians and trustees due?
22. I lost my annual report form. Can I get a new one?
23. I am a co-guardian/co-trustee. Do both guardians/trustees need to sign the annual report?
24. Do I need to show the Court proof of assets listed on page 3 of the accounting?
25. Do I need to send a copy of my annual report to Walworth County Human Services?