I paid off a Federal Income Tax Lien, but it still appears on my credit report. Why?

While Federal Income Tax Liens are recorded in the Register of Deeds office, we have no jurisdiction over the lien itself or any release documentation once the lien is satisfied. We cannot record a Release unless one is presented to us for recording. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) changed their procedures several years ago and now consider their liens to be "self-releasing" after a certain number of years. As a result, they do not record Release of Lien documents as they did in the past.

It is our observation that credit-reporting agencies generally do not read documents. They only look at the index and may be unaware of the self-releasing feature. However, if you contact the IRS, their staff may prepare a Certificate of Release that you can record which should clear your credit report. Contact the manager in charge of preparation of federal tax liens at 800-913-6050.

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